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The Zoo Two Bit Concerts- They can happen at any time-night or day.So far on KZEW, you've heard exclusive live quarter hour performances by Fleetwood Mac, Boz Scaggs, Foghat, Linda Ronstadt, Doobie Bros, Aerosmith, and the Rolling Stones....Thanks to the ZOO's Scott London for editing these 15 minute jewels down from lots and lots of live recordings..more

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Every $5.00 and above donation will receive the Zoo Audio Pack.
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Hold on to your Zoo cravings as I'm working on getting the go ahead to publish a goldmine of new material...
Update- I got the go ahead. Try to help by buying the Frampton Concert-
Get your Live Frampton January Sound Recordings now, includes KZEW Intro and Peter introducing the band also! And Acoustic version of "Baby, I love Your Way", "Do You Feel Like We do". Plus Bonus++The 15 Year History of the ZOO!

1. Baby, Something's Happening
2. Doobie Wah
3. Band Intro
4. Lines On My Face
5. I Wanna Go to the Sun
6. (I'll Give You)Money
7. It's A Plain Shame
8. Jumpin Jack Flash
9. Baby, I love Your Way
10.Do You Feel Like We Do

http://www.thezoostore.thezoofile.com/Peter Frampton
Tempie Lindsey & Jackson Brown