98 FM is putting together a batch of jean patches for you.You can wear the Zoo elephant on your Lee jeans if you just keep your radio tuned to 98fm.
The Zoo Begins to use Fly The Zoo in its promotions...
David Lee Austin
Dave Lee Austin is now piloting the Morning Zoo 6-10am, followed by Mark Christopher from 10-noon, and Mike Hedges from noon-2pm.Afternoon Zoo cruising is now handled by mellow-voiced Bob Shannon, who is followed by rock and roll king Michael Brown from 6-10 in the evening.
Beverly Beesley makes her fulltime Zoo debut nightly from 10-2, and L.G. Richarson mans the turntables with rock and jazz from 2 to 6 in the morning...
Zooberry Jam Album 1977
Ring Ring Goes the Bell
is a special 90 minute look at some od rock's most famous artists and what it was like for them in school.Steve Miller remembers prep school with buddy Boz Skagss and starting a radical newspaper in Dallas.Ann Wilson of Heart talks about high school clicks.Members of Foreigner recall being kicked out of school and Frank Zappa reveals the truth about his college daze. 98 FM gives you" Ring Ring Goes The Bell" Monday Sept. 5  from noon-1:30 pm...
The folks at KZEW invite you to experience "The Zoo Inside Rod Stewart" on Sunday, Aug.28th at 10pm.It's a 90 minute superspecial flying you through the inner thoughts of this multi-talented artist..
July-The Zoo invites you on Safari! 98FM is putting together safaris to some of the biggest rock concerts in the USA, and you can come along for the fun of it.KZEW will be chartering Zoo Safari vehicles to transport loads of listeners to Heart, Ted Nugent, and lots of other rock shows."B' wana Mike Hedges led the first Zoo Safari to Oklahoma City to catch Heart live in concert. Michael Brown takes the second crew of people on the next Zoo Safari. Catch Michaels show from 6-10pm  to find out how you can hop aboard...
On Safari with the ZOO
LG Richardson
Zoo Free Sunday Lights Out by UFO is the sixth studio album by the British rock band, released in May and also on October 11, 1977 (see 1977 in music). All songs are band originals except for "Alone Again Or" which is a cover of a song by the band Love
Mark Christopher and Mike Hedges, along with the rest of the Zoo Air Aces were exposing themselves on TV commercials shot in living sepia tone.The crazies you saw zooming across your set went to Frisco to shoot the ads.To make it look authentic, they got an old World War 1 bi-plane, dressed up in flying goggles and spent all day out in the 100 degree + heat having a great time hamming it up and playing star for a day.

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