August Randy Davis ,
formerly of Q102, is now doing
the 6 to 10 evening shift at the
Zoo.Randy was at Q102 for four
years,  in the evening slot. He
joins another ex-KTXQ jock,
Doug Saye,after the
crosstown raid on air
personalities. Randy  is
joining a very strong team of
air  staff with John B. Wells,
Beverly Beesley, and Jon
Dillon,  along with Sally
Savvy deserves a lot of
credit.Just last year, they
were primed to open the
Texxas Jam when it was
jerked out from under them by
another bands
management.This time it was
REO's manager who deciced
that that Savvy should not
play on the same show as the
now bigshot band.Louis
Messina tried to make it up to
the band by letting them open
for Heart in San Anatonio the
Thursday before the
Jam.Also, the band reports,
that all of the members of
REO Speddwagon stopped by
the Houston Agora where
Savvy was playing over the
Jam weekend, and asked if
they could sit in on Savvy's
equipment and play
awhile.The Savvy boys
agreed to an end of the night
session, and REO played for
about a half hour.Everything
was buddy buddy after
that.Savvy has a lot of of
Buddy's eighth
annual anniversary
was a blast
with plenty of free
food from the Great
Outdoors, and plent
of rock n' roll from
Savvy and the
Buddy Brothers.It
was the last
appearance by the
lead guitarist Kirby
Warnock who has
left the band tp
pursue a "solo"
career.The party
crowd included
KZEW's Randy Davis
and Q102's Gary
Shaw, and many
friends of the
Dallas music
to be continued....
Here are the ratings for rock radio
stations in Dallas.KZEW is on top
again growing from a 4.7 5.0
market share. KEGL gained a
point and a half to place second at
a 4.9,HTXQ gained from a 4.0 to
a 4.6 and find themselves in third
place.KNUS gained from a 2.2 to
3.4. More men listen to the ZOO,
while Q102 has a slight edge on
the women.Talk Radio is down