I stock all the stickers that you see offered for same day (or next) shipping. If you order shirts and stickers together, your stickers won't ship until I get your shirts ready to ship. However, if you buy stickers separate from your shirts, I can ship them right away as you have paid shipping already. Send me a quick message if you want to do this.

About ordering Shirts
These shirts come out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Most are in stock (Vendor) but some may require 2-3 days turnaround time to get here. We are offering several different options which may not seem like a lot but since we offer up to 5 sizes and up to seven color combinations with 5 styles, the combos are considerable. Out of every 10 customer orders, not a single one was alike and several order up to 3 shirts and 2 mugs each. Be patient please, the first week or so, for us to all get on the same page. We will turn in orders each day or as they arise, so that you can get your ZOO within a week, and even faster in the near future. Shipping days for Shirt Maker is Mon-Friday as of now. Our shipping days include Saturday if item is in stock here, by 11:00 AM.
Shipping is $5.99 for first item, then $1.99 for each additional item up to 10.99
Your invoice will say CTX Sales-That's me. Central Texas Sales.

International Shipping: I know there are Zoofreaks all over the world. Contact me for rates before you purchase.

If you need to-you can send a check or money order. Email me for address.
Turnaround time: 5-7 business days
Shipping Information
If you can't order on your smart phone, message or email me(state Style/Size/Color) and I can send you an invoice post haste.

Shipping Method(s): Holiday shipping times may suck.
Based On:Amount

Delivery time:1-5 business days

Shipping Rates:
From(USD)      To(USD)    Rate(USD
0.01---------14.94 1.99 First Class         2-5 Days according to your ZIP
14.95--------29.00 5.99 Priority Mail      1-2-3 Day according to your ZIP
29.01--------33.00 6.99 Priority Mail      1-2-3 Day according to your ZIP
33.01--------42.00 7.99 Priority Mail      1-2-3 Day according to your ZIP
42.01-up            10.00 Priority Mail      1-2-3 Day according to your ZIP
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