Re-Creating The Texxas Jam (2001)
Earlier this month (2001) at  Pep Ventura Studios in Irving everyone had to get their heads right with Zoo and The Texxas Jam. The recreation of Texxas Jam coverage was the assignment and LaBella, Rody and Rhyner pulled it off in grand style. Special Appearances from Tempie Lindsey, George Gimarc, John B. Wells, Rush Limbaugh and even one of The Zoo's first program directors (we think there were over 30 of them) Mark Arrogant joined in.
The Texxas Jam webcast happens on The Zoo, Monday, September 3 at 10am Central and will continue for 72 hours - after which The Zoo will begin regular format webcasting.
Meanwhile, you can catch John LaBella doing mornings on Memories 96.7 and Mike Rhyner is heard on 1310 KTCK's popular Hardline show.
John Rody explains how working for free can be fun.
Rhyner, LaBella & Rody begin getting cranky 10 minutes into the session. No fights of any kind broke out.
Rhyner has the studio audience spellbound with his story about Stevie Ray Vaughn in the old days.
Faces turned to stone when the session was halted by a call from Walter from Waco.
Rhyner continues to be amused by LaBella's ability to tell anyone on which day of the week they were born based on their birthdate. (Rain Man, anyone?)
Photos by Michael Moroney
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