Zoo Homegrown
Series Every Wednesday night at 1am, features the best of the North Texas area talent
KZEW Homegrown Concerts, The Hamm Brothers, Jay Boy Adams, John Nitzinger
Poor People's Concerts
Commercial free music following major concerts in the DFW area
Sept 1 1976  Phrenz
      8        St Elmos's Fire
     15        Michael Peach
     22        Texas Rose
Zoo Concerts
Live recordings from Dallas or England Saturdays at 10PM
Sept 4   Bob Marley & The Wailers
      11   Leon Russell
      18   Peter Frampton at January Sound Studios
      25   Elton John (here and there)
Village Film Festival
The Zoo will give away 250 free tickets to the Friday night movie
The Zoo Two Bit Concerts
They can happen at any time-night or day.So far on KZEW, you've heard exclusive live quarter hour performances by Fleetwood Mac, Boz Scaggs, Foghat, Linda Ronstadt, Doobie Bros, Aerosmith, and the Rolling Stones....Thanks to the ZOO's Scott London for editing these 15 minute jewels down from lots and lots of live recordings
Michael Brown
is the Homegrown Concert promoter,keep it tuned to the Zoo Wednesday nights. Give him a buzz if you spot a great Texas act.
Zoo Free Sunday
shows continue to rock Dallas-Ft. Worth.Recent Texas Electric Ballroom shows have starred Mink Deville, The Ramones, and AC/DC.More national acts are on their way to you on Zoo Free Sunday shows,plus kinky other events, like free roller skating parties, and bowling nights.Listen to the Zoo every Thursday for the word on the weekends Zoo Free Sunday.
The KZEW Urban Survival Book
Ring Ring Goes the Bell
is a special 90 minute look at some of rock's most famous artists and what it was like for them in school.Steve Miller remembers prep school with buddy Boz Skagss and starting a radical newspaper in Dallas.Ann Wilson of Heart talks about high school clicks.Members of Foregner recall being kicked out of school and Frank Zappa reveals the truth about his college daze.98 FM gives you"Ring Ring Goes The Bell" Monday Sept. 5 from noon-1:30 pm...
Zoo Talk
(June 1976) airs every Sunday morning from 10am-noon.Jamie Friar and Dave Lamble alternate hosting the show each week. Look for interesting guests and topics on Zoo Talk....
The King Biscuit Flower Hour
ZOO Special Programs
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